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How to Keep Your Self-Respect and Still Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Sometimes it can be difficult when you're in the pain of the breakup to think clearly and rationally enough to get your ex boyfriend back without him thinking that you're some crazy chick. You can do it though, so try not to fret too much, and be careful about whose advice you listen to. One of the areas where women utterly fail in this topic is by learning every trick known for getting a guy back and then try and throw it all at him at once. This never goes well, so don't do it. If you want to get your ex boyfriend back and keep your self-respect while doing it, you might want to look at some of these simple no drama tips listed below which will help.


Stay low for a while

Try not to let your emotions control your actions right after you break up, and take some time out by staying low for a while. Never fall into the temptation of showing up at his house with some baked goodies and the intent of pouring out your heart and putting all of the blame on yourself. Take a few days to let your head clear so you can get some perspective on the situation.

No matter how much your heart tells you to call him, don't even attempt to make contact until you feel comfortable with the fact that you don't need him and you can live without him. You will get a chance to talk to him again, and when this happens, try to be yourself and have fun. He will find you a lot more attractive if you behave like you're happy and confident, and not an emotional wreck. If not you could lose him forever.

Ponder over the reasons why you guys broke up. There's no denying the fact that after we get to know a guy well enough, we start feeling comfortable around him, and then we can start nagging, become overly emotional, and even become demanding. If you really want your ex back, try to figure out what has changed inside yourself since you guys met and demonstrate to him that that you're not going to be like that anymore. Many of the books and other articles on the topic of how to get your ex boyfriend back will say the same thing, and that is to get a grip on your emotions and try to be the confident fun woman that you were when you first got together.

Keep yourself attractive

Try to figure out what it was that first got your guys attention and what he found most attractive about you. If you can figure that out, try playing it up a little bit if you actually like it as well. Perhaps you guys enjoyed going fishing or walking on the beach together, or perhaps you had another passion that he found attractive. Regardless of what the activity is, try to get back into it and perhaps even invite some of your mutual friends so they could relay the message, in an offhand way of course ;)s.

If you want him back, the thing you should never ever do is start seeing other guys. This will instantly tell him that you have no interest in ever getting back with him and regardless whether he misses you are not, it's likely he will not even make an attempt to contact you again.

Seek out sound advice

There is tons of bad information out there about getting your ex boyfriend back as you've likely already noticed. You can get an opinion from just about everybody, and while your friends might give you some practical ideas and advice, it's hard to say what's going to work and what's going to actually backfire. Sometimes it's best to seek out a marriage counselor or somebody who has a proven track record of getting people back together. Try to keep it simple.

Never get yourself into a state of information overload where you're reading every tip and every bit of advice you come across on how to get your ex back. Try to be yourself and not an emotional basket case, and when your ex sees that you really are still the woman that he fell in love with, the relationship can start to heal. Try to seek out advice from somebody who is a professional relationship counselor and stick to the plan that they lay out for you and you never know, you could be getting back with your ex faster than you would've ever believed possible.

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