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If you are trying to get your ex boyfriend back, you have probably heard a lot about the no contact rule. This is supposed to shock him because he expects you to come after him crying and begging. You are told that by not having any contact with your ex he will begin to miss you and see his mistake. While it is true that some time apart is needed to settle the emotions, using the no contact rule might not be enough to get your ex back.

The problem can be that he will be so stubborn that no matter how much he misses you or longs to have you back, he won't make the first move to get back together again. He won't sacrifice his ego and pride no matter how much he still loves you. However if you try to tell him you love him and want him back, he will reject you. So, how can you get your ex back?


In the first place you have to forget trying to make him come back. The only way you will get your ex back is if he wants to come back to you. Of course, there are ways to make him want to come back. This will no doubt shock you, but one of the ways to get your ex boyfriend to want to come back is to forget the no contact rule. You have to do something to shock him and make him see what he is losing.

Since men are raised to be the stronger of the two sexes, you have to make him think it is his idea to get you back. He can't think he is forced to do anything. So, you have to be the aggressor, but in way that he will think he is the aggressor. That might sound a little confusing, but it can be done and it works like magic to get a man to chase you again.

You have spent a lot of time with this guy and you should know what turns him on and turns him off, in other words what pushes his hot buttons. I don't mean your smile or your voice because you can't get close enough to him to use your charms. So, you have to attack his ego and pride. This should make him react like somebody set his pants on fire.

The way you are going to shock your ex boyfriend is by giving him a message. You can't call him because you would start crying at the sound of his voice and he would hang up on you. The best way of getting the message to your ex is by text. In the message you just say that you can see that the breakup was a good idea. Add that you wanted to tell him sooner but you have been too busy having fun. Then wish him a good life and end the message.

When he realizes that you are the same as dumping him, he will be crazy to get you back. He can't allow people to think you were the one to be the first to move on. He will be thrown into a blur of action and the one thing on his mind will be getting you back.

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