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There is no doubt that the shock of having the guy you love tell you he doesn't love you anymore can make you do strange things. You have always had an independent nature and thought you could handle about anything that happened in your life. But, you weren't prepared for this and now you need some help. That is what I am going to do, give you some ideas of how to get your guy back.

You can't get your ex boyfriend back by sitting around and waiting for him to call. You have to take action, however the action you take could either get your guy back or drive him farther away. Right now you are not thinking or acting normal and you feel that you have to make your guy see how much you love him and need him in your life. But, by doing that you are making yourself unattractive to him.


He probably was attracted by your carefree and independent nature, but now all you are showing him is a desperate needy woman who is looking for pity. You might not think you are looking for his sympathy, but what else can you call crying and begging him to love you again? You don't really want him to come back to you because he feels sorry for you. No relationship can last under those conditions.

Another thing you need to think about is, do you really want your guy back? Sometimes the humiliation of being dumped will make you desperate to get your ex back before anyone knows he dumped you. But, there's no reason to feel shame, people breakup every minute of everyday somewhere in this world. The only thing to be embarrassed about is if you lose your pride and dignity.

Getting an ex boyfriend back is usually as easy as showing him that you don't need him. He wanted the breakup, so agree with him and make the best of the situation. You can't force a man to love you and you wouldn't want him if you could. When he broke up with you he was saying that he wanted a life without you in it. This may sound strange, but the best way to get him back is to show him you don't want him in your life.

You see, male psychology will teach you that men will always crave what they can't have. Keeping something away from a man, works on his head and make the object he is denied more attractive to him. It works the same way after a breakup. If you chase your guy, he will find you unattractive, however if you show him you are just fine without him, you become attractive to him again.

Showing him that you can move on and make a life of your own will make your guy remember the good times he had with you and he will begin to miss you. That is the key to getting your ex boyfriend back. Once he starts missing you, he will become afraid of losing you for good and soon he will feel the old desire for you and begin chasing you again.

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