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You want your ex boyfriend back, so why not make today when you start getting him back? But you can't do it by sitting around feeling sorry for yourself because it will probably take a lot of effort. However if you think he is the only man for you, no amount of effort should be too much. The reward for your hard work can be feeling his arms around you and hearing him say I love you again. Wouldn't that be worth it?

You will have to do a few things different and one will be to change your attitude. If you are making yourself believe that you have lost the man you love forever, you won't have much of a chance of getting him back. You will need a positive attitude and a lot of patience. But, everything has to have a starting point and you can start getting your ex back by not putting all of the blame on yourself.


If you are like most women who have been dumped, your ex boyfriend became perfect the minute he left you. What happened to all of the faults you found with him when he was still you boyfriend? For some reason they suddenly disappeared. However, they only disappeared in your mind because you are afraid he is gone for good. If he was still with you, you might be nagging him about those faults right now.

It should make sense to you that if being away from your ex boyfriend makes you forget his faults, then walking away and ignoring him should make you seem more perfect in his eyes. It's all a matter of psychology because everything looks better and becomes more valuable once you have lost it. Which also should tell you that the way to get your ex boyfriend to want you again is to ignore him and make him think he has lost you.

It will take a lot of courage to start ignoring your ex boyfriend. You will think that he will forget you and start looking for someone else, but he already dumped you and he is no longer your boyfriend. Which means he is free to do whatever he pleases. By dumping you, he made you the same way. You are free to lead your life anyway you please, so why are you sitting at home crying? Is that the way you want the rest of your life to be?

You had a life before you met and fell in love with this guy and you were happy. Life and love do not stop because of a breakup. Everything is still going on all around you. People are having fun and finding love, and you need to get back in the swing. Start by doing some shopping, since that always picks up the spirit. Then go out and have fun. What has this to do with getting your ex back? Everything!

Remember how we said that anything looks better and becomes more valuable once you have lost it? When the guy who dumped you sees you are out having fun and making yourself available again, you will become perfect to him. He will remember everything good about you and forget all of your faults. You will become the most prized possession he ever had and thinking that you are slipping away, will make him desperate to get you back.

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