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Every breakup involves two people. One is usually confused, crying and desperate. The other person is angry and determined not to be talked out of their decision to end the relationship. To make things worse the person who is crying and desperate, thinks they cannot live without the other person's love. In this case that person is probably you. In fact you are so desperate, you will do nearly anything to get your ex boyfriend back.

That feeling of desperation is understandable because you feel you have lost the only man you can ever love. However, your desperation might be the reason you are not having any success. If you hope to get your ex back, you have to turn things around and make your ex boyfriend the one who is desperate and realize he can't live without you.


Your ex boyfriend refuses to talk to you or communicate in any way and you keep begging him to listen to you. Your problem is that he is using the no contact rule on you. He is also using psychology because as long as he keeps you from having what you want, you will keep trying to get it. Since what you want is your ex boyfriend back, as long as he ignores you, you will chase him.

But, using the no contact rule and psychology can work both ways. All you need is a little courage, determination and patience. You need to have the courage to stop running after your ex, the determination that you can live without him and the patience to wait for results. When you make up your mind to be yourself again, that will be the start of getting your ex boyfriend back.

However before you can begin using the no contact rule and the psychology to make your ex boyfriend beg you to take him back, you have to make up your mind to stay with your plan. You can't just stay away from him for a few days. You have to stay away from your ex until he comes back to you. The question is, do you have the courage to do it?

You see, your ex fell in love with you because you were an independent and happy person. But, you are trying to get him back by showing him a red eyed, teary and helpless girl. That's not the type of person he wants to spend his time around. Men are basically happy creatures. That's why they like to get together, drink beer and shoot the breeze.

It makes sense that since our ex boyfriend has been used to you being around, once you disappear he will see how much he misses you. Your ex will also realize that some other guy will soon be holding you in his arms and that will make him desperate. When your ex boyfriend begins to wonder where you are and what you are doing, you will hear from him and he might be telling you, he can't live without you.

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