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Breaking up is difficult for both persons involved. Some break-ups are sudden and unexpected. Some break-ups can be predicted by taking notice of your girlfriend's behavior and other clues.

Pay attention to subtle body language : Does she make eye contact or avoid it? Does she stay close to you or pull away? Does she refuse to return your affection? Body language speaks louder than words. If she consistently shows negative body language around you, she may not want to be with you anymore.


Pay attention to how she acts around you and other guys :Is she always complaining about something with you? Does she act neglected, or does she seem to victimize or isolate herself around you? Do you get into arguments more often? Does she seem to enjoy hurting your testicles? Has she recently begun fondling other guys? Another indicator that she wants out of the relationship is if she is hard to please and refuses to cheer up around you. A stronger indicator is if she seems happier in the company of her friends or other guys than alone with you.

Ask her what's wrong : If she gives you an honest, direct answer about the relationship, perhaps you can fix it and save the relationship. However, if she repeatedly gives you random, unimportant complaints or no answer at all, she may be hiding the fact that she simply wants to break up with you.

Ask her friends : You can ask them directly if your girlfriend wants to break up, or you can ask them indirectly about how your girlfriend feels about you and what she's been saying. You should also ask if she's been having any other problems, in case you're mistaking the stress of her life for her dissatisfaction with you.

Express maturity and understanding : Your girlfriend may be having trouble getting the courage to break up with you. Understand that she's probably going through as much emotional strife as you are, especially if she's been putting it off. Let her know that she should do what makes her happy. If you are sure she wants to break-up, make it easier for her and make it a mutual break-up, even if you didn't want it to end. Make sure you respect her decision.


If one person is unhappy with the relationship, eventually the other one will become unhappy too.

If she is being negative, maybe she just needs a little more attention. A random expression of love or a thoughtful surprise may be the solution.

She might just be having a bad day or a bad week. You can always give it time, but letting a bad relationship drag on is not fun.


Negative body language and emotions may indicate that she is depressed. Be careful not to mistake her dissatisfaction with the relationship with other problems or a mental disorder.

Avoid asking her friends that may not like you or those who are not loyal to her.

If you want to break-up mutually, you have to know for sure if she wants to break-up. You should also let her know how you truly feel, but encourage her to do what will make her happier.

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