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Devastated as any other individual who underwent break-ups, I thought many different ways on what to do with my life after the most seemingly tragic moment. I admit, crazy thoughts came into mind such as walking long distances without any direction, getting myself drunk, and drinking loads of medicines to name a few. But such thoughts weren't pursued; they just stayed on my mind. But as time passed, such negative thoughts slowly faded and were replaced on thoughts of how to get my ex back. Luckily, I did get some tips on how to get my ex back.

Keep your cool


Honestly, I was heating up when my ex told me he wanted to break up with. Those were the last words I expected to come out of his mouth but I was proven otherwise. But after some time, I tried to cool down to actually ask for reasons why he wanted to break up with me. And it did help in understanding his reasons why.

Guilty as charged

While he was giving out his reasons for our break-up, everything slowly sank into me like an anchor. Right then and there, I realized he was right all along. And it was also at that moment that I realized I wouldn't want to lose him.

Stay positive, be strong and live a life

Yes, break ups can be devastating but this event should never ruin any one's life. Thanks to my friends who rescued me, I kept the positive light well lit and was courageous enough to accept the fact that I've made my mistakes and I must get my ex back.

Keep the communication lines open

After the break up, my ex never called or texted me but this motivated me more to get him back. Once in a while, I sent text messages and tried to call how he is. But I never went overboard and kept myself within the limits.

Learn to listen and be sincere

Giving my ex to talk and air his concerns was actually a relief on my part. At least, I know he still wants to talk to me. And it was at that moment that I realized, he just wanted me to learn how to listen. Alongside with that, I learned to say the most sincere “sorry” to him.

Now I fully comprehend how to get my ex back and from now on, time is never to be wasted with arguments and conflicts, only fun and happy moments.

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