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Things can get pretty mixed up after a breakup. Your emotions are running at an all time high and why wouldn't they be? You found the man you thought was right for you and dreamed of a home and family, but now everything may be lost forever. You can't sleep, you can't eat and every time you think ofyour ex boyfriend you want to scream and cry.

Perhaps you tried calling him to have a sensible conversation, however when you heard his voice you started to cry and talk incoherently. No matter what you have tried, you just seem to push him farther away. Now you have heard about using text to win your ex back and decide to try it. You text your ex and tell him how you miss him and feel you can't live without him, and what happens? He doesn't answer your text.


This can make you more desperate and you might begin to stalk him. You park down the street from where he lives and then follow him to see where he goes. Doing such things as this make you look really bad because he will find out what you are doing and lose all respect for you. Think of how you would feel if you had broken up with him and he used these tactics.

No matter what you do to get your ex back, it will have to push his emotional hot buttons in a positive way. Which means, you have to get inside his head and approach the situation the way he would if you had broken up with him. Men have too much ego and pride to show their emotions by crying or begging, but they will chase what they think they can't have.

That should tell you that before you text him or use any other form of communication, you need to be sure you are saying the right thing. If you become so emotional that you feel you have to tell him you can't live without him, let it out by writing it down. Then read it and see how ridiculous it makes you look. Next move will be to destroy it. You will have vented and you should feel better and no harm will be done.

Never contact your ex unless you are sure of what you want to say and be able to say it without showing desperation. Men respect women who are strong and can take care of themselves. Showing neediness will make him wonder if you are the woman he wants to spend his life with and be the mother of his children. Men may be after a quick roll in the hay most of the time, but when it comes to a life partner, they will be very selective.

If you want to push his hot buttons in a positive way, you have to make him think you have accepted the breakup and are ready to move on. Sending a text is a great way to accomplish that because there is no chance of you crying or begging. Just text that you think the breakup was a good idea and you wish him well. If he still is in love with you, he will begin to show that he wants you back.

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