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When your boyfriend dumped you, there were plenty of friends and family members ready to give you advice. However, you have to be careful because they are on your side and your ex boyfriend is the villain. They will tell you that they always knew he was a bum and you are better off without him. However, he is the man you still love and you can't just let him go. You feel that there must be some way of getting your ex back and there usually is, but you may have to learn something about male psychology first.

You haven't stopped thinking about him for a minute since he walked out on you and you never knew your life would be so empty without him. He is the only man you can ever love and you miss him like crazy. What you are feeling is the way any woman would feel when she loses the man she hoped would love her forever. But, to get your ex back, you have to learn how to push his emotional hot buttons and make him miss you like crazy.


If your relationship lasted for a while, you and your ex boyfriend have a history and built memories that will be hard to forget, but these are shared memories and they are imbedded in the mind of your ex too. The problem is that he is angry about something and he has buried the memories and his feelings for you so deep that they can't surface. This is where you can use male psychology to break through and make his nostalgia gene kick in.

Everyone has a nostalgia gene that makes them yearn for something that was pleasant in their life and it can be a very potent factor in getting your ex boyfriend back. But, you have to give him time alone and let get over whatever caused him to dump you. Given the time, your ex will begin to wonder if he did the right thing by dumping you. When he sees that you have accepted the breakup and might be moving on, his memories of you and the good times will come flooding back like water from a dam that has burst.

Once the nostalgia gene starts to take over, your ex boyfriend's attitude will change and he will no longer be stubborn. In fact he will be the one who will be wondering what has happened to the woman he loves. This time of experiencing his life without you will have taught him how important you are to his happiness and he will miss you and want you back. When he comes looking for you, your impulse will be to fall right back into his arms but you must keep yourself from giving in too easily.

Everyone appreciates that which is earned and your ex boyfriend is no exception. By making him feel that he is winning back your love he will cherish it more and not be so quick to let you go again.

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