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Getting back your ex boyfriend can be a daunting task, but with a push in the right direction, you are likely to succeed. One of the methods you can use to win your ex back by accepting him. For the sake of this piece, I will dwell much on acceptance as a vital means to get him back.

The moment you begin dating, both of you think that you have met your perfect mate. However, as you move along in the relationship train, you realize that things don't work as you expected and this might result in a break-up.


This is where acceptance comes in. Once you throw it to the wind, your relationship becomes shaky and one person has to pull out. Now that he has moved out, how do win him back through acceptance?

One of the important pillars to observe in a relationship is to refrain from transforming your partner. Your ex might have walked out due to pressure from your side to transform him. So if you want him back now, don't ever try to change him.

Accept him the way he is because nobody is perfect and even you yourself have your flaws. Acceptance will teach you to appreciate your mate and his nature which is an attribute to complement your own.

Embracing the virtue of acceptance does not mean that you settle for an all-perfect person. Instead, it means you have changed your attitude and you have chosen to focus on the positive side of your partner. You are looking at the total person with all his capabilities and otherwise.

Many marriages are broken down due to unacceptance. Many partners are only quick to criticize and complain about heir mates. Others go as far as including non-verbal attacks of questionable looks.

These are likely to tear your relationship apart. Therefore if you want o get him back, you should redefine your concept of acceptance because where it's lacking, one is likely to seek it elsewhere.

There are two thin gs you can do to obtain a new dimension of looking at things so you can become a more accepting partner. One you need to think positively and change the negative way of looking at things which has become a norm in you.

Secondly, let your actions speak about your virtue of acceptance. Say it quite often, and it will be etched into your mind. The more your ex hears that you are ready to accept him again, the more willing he becomes to reunite with you. In short, the more you get engaged in the action of acceptance, the deeper get into it.

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