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Still caring deeply for an ex is a curse many people have to live with. The end of a relationship can be impossibly hard to accept. You watch the person you love most in the world walk out of your life, but your heart doesn't process it. Being in love with someone who has pushed you aside is very hard and it becomes even more challenging if you have to question what they're feeling. It's common for many individuals to stay in touch with their ex, but how do you tell exactly what your ex is feeling? There are some very clear signs that indicate that your ex still has feelings for you. If you can establish, through their behavior, that they do still care for you, you can then move forward with a plan to get them back in love.

Your Ex Still Calls You On a Regular Basis


When a couple splits, it's common for them to stop talking. That's the scenario that typically occurs when they both decide that it's best to move forward and start new lives, separate and apart from each other. If your ex still calls you and wants to know what's going on in your life, that's a very strong sign that they still feel emotionally invested in you as a person. If you've been taking on the role of calling your ex to keep the lines of communication open, stop that for a few weeks and see how they respond. If they don't reach out to make contact themselves, you should accept that there aren't any lingering feelings for them. However, if they do call, take that as a positive signal and work on rebuilding the connection.

Your Ex Is Curious About Your Dating Status

It's hard to hide curiosity and once a couple splits, that curiosity will quickly make itself known. If your ex wants to know what's going on with you in terms of who you are dating and how serious it is, that's a sure sign that their feelings haven't disappeared along with the connection you two once shared. If a person is truly over their ex they don't care either way if they're dating or not. In fact, they tend to be glad when they hear their ex is dating again because they know they can move forward without any guilt. If your ex constantly wants to know if you're seeing anyone, they aren't over you yet, even if they swear they are.

Your Ex Asks Your Opinion on Important Issues

We all turn to the people we respect and trust the most when it comes to important issues. You likely looked to your ex for that when you two were a couple, but think about whether or not they still see you in that role? Has your ex contacted you for advice on something significant that is going on within their life? Have they asked you whether you think they should take on a new job, or make a major purchase? If they have that's a good sign if you're hoping to have a future with them. Their actions suggest that they see you as someone who knows what's best for them. Don't discount this as being just a friend asking another friend what they think. They still view you as someone who they can turn to when they need advice and that's very significant.

Your Ex Is Still Close to Your Friends and Family

Typically when a couple splits, they take their friends and family with them. In other words, the people close to them side with them and break off their relationships with the ex as well. If your ex has actively stayed friends with your friends or is still in contact with your family members, that's a clear indicator that they still view themselves as part of your life. Although some friendships do outlast a break up, it's worth noting that you probably don't want to question any mutual friends about what your ex has or hasn't said about you. Regardless of who the person is, they may take that information right back to your ex which can lead to a very uncomfortable conversation between the two of you. However, if the mutual friend offers any insight into what your ex is thinking or feeling, feel free to openly listen to that information.

Your Ex Has Regrets About the Past and Is Vocal About It

When a person has serious regrets about a break up, they will often feel compelled to vocalize that. Regardless of who initiated the break up, your ex may be feeling as though they need to set the record straight, so to speak. If your ex is regularly bringing up the past and how they wish things had turned out differently, that's a sign that they want a second chance. If a person has moved past their failed relationship, they are at peace and they don't feel an unending desire to constantly bring it up. Allow your ex the chance to talk about what went wrong and what they would do differently now. That may eventually become the basis for the two of you to begin a discussion on what you need to do to get back together again.

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