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A breakup can be a tragic ending to what might have been a long lasting and happy relationship. The problem is that two people who are still very much in love let some silly disagreement come between them and decide it's over. This usually happens during the heat of an argument and then both of you let your pride stand in the way of saying you are sorry.

You might have been the one to dump your boyfriend or he might have dumped you, it doesn't matter because neither of you will give in. Stop and think of what you are doing. Any relationship that has lasted for very long deserves to be given a second chance. But, are you willing to sacrifice your pride? It only takes the words “I'm sorry” to make another person feel better about you.


However, saying those words too soon after a breakup might not be met with acceptance. In any type of hostility, there has to be a cooling off period. A time to reflect on what has been lost and realize how valuable your relationship was. This will happen to your ex boyfriend as well as you. The difference will be that as a man it will be harder for him to admit his mistake.

This is not to say that as a woman you always have to give in, but you might have to give him some reasons to cast his ego and pride aside. When the two of you first met, there was something about you that made you stand out from all of the other girls he had met. Something attracted him to you like a magnet. In the course of your relationship he probably told you what that attraction was.

Your ex boyfriend has also told you what he likes most about you. To get your ex back, you have to show him these qualities again, but you have to be subtle. You can't just text him and say that you have discarded all of your bad qualities and only the good remain. You are human and you can't be perfect, so don't pretend to be. Just give him a chance to see the woman he fell in love with again.

To do this, you have to make yourself look and act the same as you did when he first saw you. Fix your hair in the same style and if you still have the same clothes wear them. In other words you need to appear like a fantasy to your ex. Seeing you this way will bring back a flood of good memories to him and he will realize how much he has missed having you in his arms.

Don't expect a miracle to happen because he won't rush up to you, then and there and beg you to forgive him. But, in a few days or a week at the most, he should contact you. Don't rush things, just let him keep coming to you because that's the way men think it should be. However, before long, your ex boyfriend will want to talk things over. Then you can both say “I'm sorry” and he will be your guy again.

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