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Once in my life I was indescribably sad. My boyfriend broke our relationship up, and I didn't know why. I was completely devastated. I felt like my life had come to an end. I don't know how I managed to keep doing my everyday duties though I made it despite my deep sorrow and anger. All that I could think about along the day was about the possible reasons why he had left me. And I always blamed myself.

I spent hours looking at internet for places related to loneliness, rejection, broken hearts, etc. There are a lot of places, songs and pictures about rejection and loneliness. There are forums for people to talk about their feelings of loneliness and low esteem. I have to confess that I was a regular user of some of these places.


One day I was looking for broken heart sayings in order to find some phrases that expressed my sorrows, and then I found the quote that changed my life from the moment I read it. It was a quote written by Alexander Graham Bell that says: “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us”.

This phrase caught my eye and my attention. I started to think about my situation. Indeed one door had closed, but, would there be any other door opened for me I hadn't paid any attention to it? Maybe there would be some way to get out of my despairing state. Then it was like the storm clouds that kept my life under the darkness for so much time opened apart to let a sudden ray of light enlighten my mind. I realized at that very moment that one of my long time friends, a very nice and attractive guy called Mike, had tried to help me getting over my condition by all means. He was in fact the only one of my friends who didn't give up trying to help me. In fact he had tried to help me more times than a simple friend would do. I started to realize how indifferent I had been to his efforts to lend me a helping hand. A help I had been disregarding for a long time. Just for a moment I found myself thinking if he would like me at least a little.

I always felt attracted to him, but I'd never imagine that kind of guy would feel attracted to an average girl like me. In fact, my low self-esteem had blurred my vision enough to ignore that I was attractive enough for a man like him, and that he was trying to help me because he was in love with me. I knew it from that very moment when I started to remember all the attentions he had brought to me, the caressing sound of his voice when he talked to me about some other person who could come into my life to heal the pain, the letter he once wrote for me though I hadn't paid enough attention to. In fact that letter was forgotten into a drawer… I looked for it, and by reading it once again I found that his words expressed his love for me. Then I realized what a fool I had been for a long time. I had at my hand's reach the solution to my trouble since the very moment my ex had left me!

Now Mike is my boyfriend and we are so in love that we are planning our wedding into just a few months. Now I can realize that the power of a simple phrase could help me more than any other thing because it opened my mind to another way of seeing my condition. That magic change in my life was triggered by a person who left a legacy of wisdom into a simple set of words that helped me more than I could imagine.

A person who is suffering from a break up in fact is experiencing a mental disability and he/she doesn't realize that there are chances to recover from their sadness they are disregarding because of their state of mind. I realized some time after this experience, by visiting the same web page where I found this quote, that are some web places where you can find what broken-hearted people are looking for, sayings and quotes about sadness, but also there are sayings and advice to help them to overcome their troubles. Now I know this is intentional for visitors to find the help they need, at the moments when they may pay attention to the useful resources these places offer to persons that are experiencing the overwhelming feeling of having lost the person they loved so much.

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