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“Every relationship faces a lot of struggles and trials”, this is a reality that we should always remember once we decided to have a relationship with someone. Keep in mind that any relationships are just like a trial and error with our journey of finding for our permanent partners in life. Although, we try to avoid having conflicts with our partners but this is a normal process in every relationship that is inevitable. Somewhere along the journey of loving each other, you will surely face some problems that you need to overcome in order to stay the spark with the relationship. Some relationships ended up because of the misunderstanding happened between the two people involved in the relationship. After painful breakups, some of us would like to win back our ex-partners. This can be very difficult for other people but if love really persist then reuniting again is possible.

Girls are always the one who easily change minds. They are usually the one who suggest breakups with their boyfriends. They are also the one who want to gain back their boyfriends after discerning what they truly feel inside. There are a lot of ways in making up with your ex boyfriend. Some of these ways might be suitable for you or not depending upon your personalities and principles in life. In the end, regaining the relationship with your boyfriend is more important than other things.


One of the best ways to make up with your ex boyfriend is to give him time and space first. Give him time to think about his relationship with you because if you will persuade talking to your boyfriend after the painful event, the pain is still fresh. During this time, all he thinks is just the upsetting feelings that you have brought into his life. As a result, he will have some hesitancy of reuniting with you. After giving him some time, maybe a week or two, you try to contact him and talk to him in person. You tell him how sorry you are about the pain you have given to him. You may try to make some promises but remember this might not work strongly nowadays, especially that of us have already known that promises are made to be broken. You try to imply that you will act upon your promises. You may also try to give him extra sweetness and thoughtfulness so that he will remember the feelings he had with you in the past. Perhaps, it's not easy making up with you ex boyfriend but if you do not want to lose him, then you will make every possible ways to win him back.

Ways in Making Up with Your Ex

“You left me with a broken heart and blissful romantic memories but I do not intend to recover the memories because all I ever wanted is you”. This is a famous painful breakup line that would also reflect someone's feelings who wants to reunite their relationship with their ex boyfriends or girlfriends. Perhaps, winning your partner back can be the most difficult task to do but if you are really determined enough to win him or her back then you will conquer all the odds and challenges. Keep in mind that you are not after on the trials you will experience but you wanted to get the most precious price you will get in the end,which is you ex partners.

There are some ways in making up with your ex boyfriends or girlfriends that you might utilize to win him or her in your life. As a starter, let us talk about the common reasons in relationship breakups. Some would say that infidelity or unfaithfulness is the common reason, but studies have showed that lack of communication is the major cause for all of broken relationships. Communication is also the best way in making up with your ex boyfriends and girlfriends. You need to communicate with her or him in order to resolve the conflicts occurring within your relationship together. We need to keep in mind that a good relationship is a product of harmonious communication. This kind of communication is based on a two way concept, which means that if your partner is talking, you need to listen and vice versa.

One of the best ways to win back your ex-partner is to do some self-improvements. This would actually mean the important aspects about you. You need to improve not only your physical appearance but also your attitude. Once you have successfully improve yourself, then you can face your ex-partners with the new you. We need to keep in mind that we do not need to change the whole thing about ourselves but we just need to be aware of our flaws and change it for the better. In simple words, you need to be who you are with just a little improvement of what you think will make you a better person. We need to remember that we improve ourselves not because we desire to please other people but to gain self-confidence and esteem. You are primarily doing it for yourself.

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