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When your boyfriend broke up with you, you probably did what any woman would do and rushed to your family and friends for support. Of course they told you that you are better off without the bum and to just forget him and find someone who will appreciate what a wonderful woman you are. But, you didn't listen to them because you can't imagine your life without the man you love.

But every time you try to tell him how much you love him, your ex boyfriend rejects you. It is very painful to have the one you love reject you because it makes you feel unloved and unwanted. However, what you don't realize is, being rejected by an ex girlfriend can nearly drive a man crazy. It bruises his ego and pride, but most of all it makes him take action to get rid of the feeling of rejection.


You might wonder how you can make your ex boyfriend feel the rejection you are feeling when he was the one who initiated the breakup. The answer to that is, you have to dump your ex boyfriend. That may sound even more crazy, but it can be done very easily. Think of what he did when he broke up with you. Your ex boyfriend just walked away and refused to have any communication with you.

This should show you how to reverse the feeling of rejection and make your ex boyfriend begin to desire you again. First of all men only desire what they think they can't have and as soon as you make it clear to your ex that you are no longer interested in him, he will start feeling rejected. But the thing that will really set a fire under him is thinking of you in another man's arms.

You can't sit at home with a gallon of ice cream and watching reruns if you expect to get him worried about losing you. He needs to see how other men are attracted to you and that means you have to go out where the men hang out. But, first you want to make sure that you are desirable and that might mean going to a good salon and getting a new hair style and a manicure.

Now you are ready to show your ex what he has lost, get your friends together and go out and have a blast. It won't hurt things any if you make sure your ex sees you, so stop by where he usually hangs out for a few minutes. Don't stay long enough for him to get into a conversation with you. Give him a big smile and then leave, that's all he will need to get the feeling of rejection.

Soon after he sees you looking so great and other men hanging around you, you will be getting some text messages and calls from your ex boyfriend. You might want to get revenge by refusing to talk to him, however, you should treat him like an old friend. Don't say you have missed him or mention the word love. Let him do most of the talking for a while and then tell him you have to be going and end the conversation. You will have reversed the rejection and your ex boyfriend will feel a new desire for you.

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