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Are you depressed over a recent breakup that has left you wondering what life is all about? Well then sit back and get a few tips on how on how to attract your ex boyfriend back to you. To begin with you have to critically analyze the factors that led to the breakup. Was he abusive? Did he cheat? Was he possessive? After answering this questions ask yourself if you're really interested in forging ahead with this relationship. If yes then follow all this tips below and get your ex boyfriend back.

Work hard and be the person that he fell in love with. May be you changed after you started dating him. Start paying attention to details on your looks, your dressing and work on restoring your self esteem. Be cheerful when you're around him and try to smile and laugh. This is a step towards you getting your ex-boyfriend back.


Do not act or seem desperate at any given time. Give him the impression that you have moved on by engaging yourself in social activities. This may include going to the gym, going out to watch some movies and wearing different clothes from the ones you had been wearing.

When you meet him prepare your first words because they are extremely important. They can determine your chances of getting him back or losing him completely. Never cry out to him to take you back or even beg him to come back to you. This will only push him away further and he might be irritated with you.

Use the past to your advantage and this requires that you juggle up your memory. If he requests you to meet him ensure that the meeting takes place in a familiar location that you had met in the past and you had good times. Wear an outfit that he had complemented when you were together. Pay attention to each words when his addressing you. Try to use these words too because this will make him realize that your paying attention to him and you both have the same way of talking.

It's very crucial for to find out if he still cares about you. If he doesn't you have to formulate means and ways to make him care again. When your ex still cares about you the chances of winning him back are high. Very casually ask him if he would like the two of you to do something together. It could be something that people do during their first dates.

Whatever you choose try and make it as fun as possible. Don't engage him in any serious talks; this can be done later when you manage to smoothen up things between you two. If he brings the serious discussion, contribute and be careful with all the answers you give and don't push it too hard.

Let it him understand that you still think about him and in a very simple manner. You can send him a text message and ask him how he's doing. This is a simple way to start a discussion and it's not threatening to him. Remind him of the good times you once had maybe in some restaurant that you visited again lately and it brought back the good memories. You shouldn't pay too much attention on other people's perspectives about you as you work out on getting your ex-boyfriend back.

Always remember that there is no situation that is completely hopeless. Breaking up and making up are things that happen to so many couples and they manage to get back their relationships. Always keep this in mind that if there wasn't anything like forgiveness, love could never exist. So learn to forgive and live on. Besides the grass is not always green, you have to keep watering it. Success as you work on getting your ex-boyfriend back.

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