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When you are still in love with the guy who broke up with you all you want to know is how to get your ex back. No one needs to tell you how much you are hurting and think you can't live without him. In fact you probably have already told your ex boyfriend how much you love and need him. But, telling him that only makes him more sure of you and says that he can have you anytime he wants you.

This allows your ex to ignore you and put you on hold while he dates other women. As long as you allow him to consider you as a backup girlfriend you will have a hard time getting your ex back. Which should tell you that you need to think of something that will change his attitude. That will be easy if you just take a look at why you are so desperate to get him back.


You are afraid to leave him alone because you fear that your ex boyfriend will find someone else and be gone for good. by showing your ex that you are willing to lose your dignity and self respect to get him back, you are causing him to lose his respect for you. Your independence was what attracted him to you in the beginning. But showing your guy that you can get along with out him will attract him to you again. The fact that he broke up with you does not necessarily mean he no longer loves you.

However, your actions of begging and chasing him are telling him that breaking up with you was the right thing to do. Therefore, you must show your ex boyfriend that breaking up with you was a big mistake. How do you make a man sorry for dumping you? By making him have the same feeling of loss that you are experiencing. As crazy as it may sound the best way to get your ex boyfriend back is by dumping him.

Most men are aggressive by nature and they cannot stand to lose what they consider belongs to them. Taking yourself out of the life of your man and giving him the impression that you are over him will cause your ex to remember how hard it was to gain your love. Once he sees you moving away from him, your ex boyfriend will begin to regret breaking up with you. When that happens he will realize how much he still loves you and feel that he can't live without you.

Getting back the man who broke up with you can be as easy as getting inside his head and showing him that you can live without him better than he can live without you. By walking away and accepting the breakup, you make yourself unattainable again and that will peak his desire for you. Now you will have put things in the proper order and the guy who dumped you will be chasing you.

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