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Losing the man you love can be a heartbreaking experience and for awhile you might be so hurt that you think you are glad to be rid of him. In fact you may be so humiliated that you want to hurt him as badly as he hurt you. However, seeking revenge will not make you get over your broken heart and it certainly won't bring your ex running back to you.

On the other hand you could be blaming yourself for the breakup and you send text, emails and try calling him in an effort to say you are sorry. But, all you get in return is rejection and that makes you more desperate. Your ex might not realize that he is doing it, but he is using psychology on you. It is human nature to want to get back what you have lost and this is why you are so desperate to get your ex back.


All of this should make you aware of your ex boyfriend being human too and if you push his emotional hot buttons the way he has pushed yours it should get the same results. You might not think this is true because he broke up with you. The fact is that being rejected and ignored will work even better on him than it worked on you. The reason for this is that your ex boyfriend is a man.

Men have a lot of pride and ego and you can use that to make him start chasing you again. You can make him wish he had never let you go and the only thing on his mind will be getting you back. Since he has rejected every attempt you have made to get him to talk to you, making him desperate might seem impossible to do. But, it can be so easy to change his attitude that you will be delightfully surprised.

You will have to get control of your emotions and stop telling him that you love him and can't live without him. This is one of the reasons he keeps rejecting you. As long as you are chasing him he knows he won't lose you. So, if you stop trying to get him back and make him think you are moving on he will wonder why you don't want him anymore. That will be a blow to his ego and he will have to do something about it.

It will take a lot of strength because once you start ignoring him you have to keep it up. If you try to contact your ex boyfriend in anyway he will go back to ignoring you and you could lose him for good. However if you keep ignoring him and he is still in love with you, your ex will be challenged by your action and become determined to get you back.

Once he starts to chase you again all you have to do is what you did to get him the first time and you will soon be back in the arms of the man you love. But, getting him back is only part of the battle because you want to keep him. You can tell him you love him, but never let him think he owns you. As long as he is never quite sure of you, he will never leave you again.

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