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It is not always easy to revive a failed relationship, and one often finds oneself confronted by awkward and tricky circumstances. One such situation is when your girlfriend broke up with you for someone else. You may still want to get your ex girlfriend back, but you may be confused about whether you should at all make the attempt. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to that, however you ought to know that a remarkable number of couples do manage to revive a failed relationship from this sort of a situation.

Handling Your Own Emotions


Before you make an attempt to get your ex girlfriend back, the first thing you need to do is assess your emotional state. You know that she has left you for someone else and that reduces the probability for success. Will you be able to handle and confront this new relationship of hers, or will you be burned with jealousy? Will you end up an emotional wreck if you fail at getting her back?

If you feel your emotions are overwhelming you, you are well advised to spend your time and energy putting some distance between you and her, rather than plunging forward to get your ex girlfriend back. Spend some time with friends and use your family's support to cope with the situation, and get on with your life. If, on the other hand, you trust your emotional state and believe you can handle this situation, you may as well try to revive your failed relationship.

Is Her New Relationship Serious?

The first thing you should try to find out is how your girlfriend is feeling towards this new person who she left you for. Things may not actually be the way they seem on the surface. Sometimes people get into a relationship on a rebound and quickly realize that it was just emotional dependence to help themselves tide over difficult circumstances. Such relationships don't last long.

To find out what state of mind your ex girlfriend is in currently, communicate with her directly. Try to keep your communication light and happy, rather than intense, and see how she responds. If she is reaching out to you, and you perceive that she is really glad to hear from you again, it means that her new relationship did not turn out to be paradise after all, and there may be a good chance for you to get your ex girlfriend back.

If you see that she is going strong in this new relationship (the signs will be there, and she may even be reluctant to communicate with you), it may be a good idea to stop trying to revive your relationship and move on.

Does She Still Feel for You?

It may just happen that she is still in that relationship, but she is not happy and her feelings for you are still there under the surface. This is something you will not be able to find out immediately. So, be patient and keep communication alive and healthy. You know her as a person, and eventually you will be able to perceive subtle signs that she is reaching out to you. However, it is important that you give her the time she needs to express herself and handle her conflicting emotions.

If she simply wants to continue as your friend for a while, give her that opportunity to come to terms with her emotions. If you do this, there is a good chance you will get your ex girlfriend back.

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