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From the moment your ex boyfriend broke up with you, you have been wishing you had him back. You have sent text messages, emails and tried to call him, but you get no response from the man you love. You go through each day like a zombie and cry yourself to sleep each night. You miss hearing his voice and feeling his touch and nothing can make you smile.

This is a terrible way to live and the worst part may be that it can make you do foolish things that push your ex boyfriend farther away. Everyday you read about or hear of some new tactic, yet none of them seem to work. Your family and friends are concerned about how you are acting and urge you to forget the guy and move on, but that seems impossible to do.


However, if you ever expect to feel your ex boyfriend's arms around you again, you have to let him go. This doesn't mean that you are going to start dating other guys and end everything with the man you love for good. You can never be happy doing that, so you must make your ex think that you are over him and are getting back into circulation.

The clue to getting your ex back is showing him that you don't need him to have a good life. If he hears of you out having fun and taking up a new hobby or doing volunteer work, he will feel that you are replacing him in your life. Soon he will see your actions as rejecting him and realize that you are important to his life. Suddenly your ex boyfriend feels like you have dumped him and he will start remembering the good times with you.

Being rejected by someone can be very painful as you know, but to an ex boyfriend being rejected by the woman he dumped is humiliating. He has his pride and ego to protect and when his friends hear about you accepting the breakup and moving on, he will be the butt of their jokes. His only solution will be to get you back as fast as possible.

When he tries to make contact with you, it will be a crucial time. Although this is what you were wishing for, you can't make it too easy for him. Men love a challenge and their ego thrives on overcoming obstacles. This will be your best chance to show your ex that he needs you more than you need him, so don't blow it. Stay a little out of his reach for a while and make him chase you the way he did when you first met.

Once you let him catch you again, don't ever allow your guy to think he owns you. Show him plenty of love but have other interests as well. If you are not always available it will make his time with you more precious.

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