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Instead of wallowing in pain and crying your heart out because you lost your boyfriend, dry your tears and get him back. Is it possible for me to get my ex boyfriend back, you might ask. Well, it very possible and there are three simple steps to on how you can go about it.

1. Apologize.


In a break-up, it cannot only be one person's fault. Apologize for your shortcomings and mistakes that may have hurt him. Your weaknesses in the relationship may have contributed to the eventual break up. Recognize these weaknesses and let him know. Send a short text message or email. For fresh break-ups, personally apologizing may not always work because the emotions are still intense and doing so can only result to both of you ending in arguments. There is advantage in writing down your apology. You will be able to carefully lay out words that best express what you want to say so there is a greater chance for the apology to truly change his mind.

2. Explain your side to his friends.

Talk to his best buddies. Explain your side of the story without forgetting to recognize your own weaknesses in the relationship. Tell them how much you still care about your him and how willing you are to give it another try so you can get him back. Friends are great influence in the decision making of any individual. Because they are your ex boyfriend's closest friends, their opinions will matter to him.

If you will be able to gain the sympathy of his closest friends, they will be your strongest ally in persuading him to get back with you. It is important, however, not to appear desperate in front of his friends. Appearing so, will only make them think that you are only talking to them because you only want to get your ex boyfriend back.

It is important that you make them feel how truly regretful you are with the break up and how important he is to you. Men usually make fond of their friend's girlfriend but when they find a woman who truly loves their friend, they also make extra effort to make sure their friend ends up with that woman.

3. Change your ways. This might not be easy but if you really want to get your ex back, you will need to overcome your weaknesses. Changes don't happen overnight but you will need to start changing your ways, otherwise, your efforts will only prove futile.

In the end, if you still love your ex boyfriend and you are really willing to save the relationship; your heart will help you find ways to get him back. However, if all your efforts will still fail, you should also learn to when to stop trying. Love is a two-way road. If you can no longer get your ex-boyfriend back no matter how hard you try, the problem is no longer you. It is possible, that he has already moved on and no longer love you. And when this is the case, getting him back is no longer possible, what you have to do at this point is to continue with your normal routine, and wait for time to pass by before you try again. Patience will be much needed at this point. But don't worry certainly you will get him back.

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