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When your boyfriend broke up with you, a thousand things went through your mind. What did you do wrong? What made him stop feeling desire for you? There are so many questions, but you think there is no way to answer them. That's where you are wrong. There is a simple way to not only get answers to your questions, but you can make your ex boyfriend desire you again.

You just have to get inside his head and know how your ex boyfriend thinks. The best way to do that is by using male psychology.You see, desire is an emotion and it is aroused by wanting something you can't have. Think of your favorite food. As long as there is plenty of it and you can have it anytime you want it, your desire for that food is less. But what if that food became scarce?


When something is scarce, the desire for it increases. This is all psychological and it is used by businesses to stir desire for their products. How many times have you seen advertisements that say limited amount, or only a few left? Those ads will almost always insure a desire for the product and that's the way you are going to make your ex boyfriend desire you again.

To get inside his head and make him crazy with desire for you, you have to make him think he a can no longer have you. To do that you will need to make yourself scarce. Remember the way to make people want something is to make it scarce. Your ex boyfriend needs to experience his life without you for a while and you need some time to get your emotions in shape.

By not having any contact with the man you love for a few weeks, you will get over the shock you suffered when he broke up with you. As the feeling of shock goes away, you will begin to think with a clear head. During this time your ex will have time to remember the good parts of your relationship and get over whatever caused the breakup. He will also start missing you as well.

When you stop trying to communicate with your ex, he will wonder if you have found another guy. When that happens, the dynamics of the breakup will begin to shift. He will wonder why you lost your desire for him. Male psychology will teach you that men have large egos and the thought that you might not find him desirable anymore will hurt his pride. The only way he can get rid of the feeling that you are rejecting him is to get you back.

This is how you use male psychology to get inside your ex boyfriend's head and make him desire you again. A man will almost always respond to a challenge and they will usually respond by going after whatever is challenging them. So don't be surprised if you find your ex chasing you very soon.

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