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Your boyfriend broke up with you and you are feeling sorry for yourself. There's nothing wrong with that. We all have a tendency to feel sorry for ourselves when bad things happen to us. However, to get your ex boyfriend back, you have to make him sorry he broke up with you. You have to make him see that he made a big mistake in letting you go.

Making your ex boyfriend regret the breakup can be much easier than you think. But, you can't tell him he has made a mistake and expect him to agree with you. Most men are as stubborn as a mule and it is hard to get them to admit they made a mistake. if you have ever witnessed a man being lost on a trip and try to get him to ask for directions, you know how stubborn a man can be.


The way to make your ex boyfriend see his mistake and come running back to you, is to make him think it was all his idea. The only way your ex boyfriend will figure out that he has made a mistake is to give him the time to get over his anger and begin to miss you. That will be the hard part of it. You are afraid to leave him alone because you fear he will forget you and find someone else.

The truth is leaving him alone will make him fall more in love with you. Things will look better to your ex from a distance. He will start to experience his life without you and remember the good times you had together. Soon, your ex boyfriend will begin to feel the sense of loss you are feeling. These thoughts will trigger another emotion because men do not like to lose anything they feel is theirs.

By making your ex boyfriend have these feelings, you are applying male psychology to push his hot buttons. As long as you chase and beg him to come back, he will ignore you. This is because as long as you are telling him you can't live without him, your ex boyfriend does not have any worry about losing you. But, when you show him you can live without him and go about your life without him, everything changes.

Doubts will begin to form in his mind. He will realize he misses your voice, your smile and your touch. He will start feeling his old desire for you and wonder if you will have him back. When he starts thinking this way, you have become a challenge to him again, and men cannot turn down a challenge. You will have sparked his interest again and he will be kicking himself for being a fool.

By just walking away and showing him you are fine without him, you are using the best way to get your ex boyfriend back. You will soon start to get phone calls and text messages from him again. Be nice and treat him like an old friend. That will get him more confused. If you show anger, he will know you still care for him. By acting nice, he will think you might not want him as a boyfriend anymore and he will have to win you back.

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