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As long as you crave something, you will want it. That is why your ex boyfriends's rejections are so devastating to you. You miss his voice and his tender touch. You long to hear him say “I love you again” and that adds to your craving. However if you want to get your ex back, you have to find a way to turn things around and make him crave your love again.

You might think that since he was the one who initiated the breakup, there is no way to make him feel a craving for your love again, and as long as you chase him there won't be a way. The reason you are craving your ex boyfriend's love is because you feel you no longer have it. When you keep sending text and calling him to tell him you love him and can't live without him, he still knows he has your love.


If it has been a while since the breakup or if it just happened, the first thing you have to do is respect his rights to be alone. If your ex still wanted you around he would not have broken up with you. So, stop badgering him night and day and find something else to occupy your time. You might be afraid that you will lose him for good, but pushing him to make him communicate with you is what will drive him away for good.

You need some time away from your ex boyfriend as well. You need time to think and get your emotions calmed down. The shock of the breakup is what is making you so desperate and every time you get rejected by your ex boyfriend, you go into shock again. Seeing the man who was so caring and tender to you suddenly turn into someone who won't give you a kind word can be very hard to take.

By taking time to get over the shock of the breakup and beginning to think with a clear head, you might decide that you don't want your ex back. However, if your ex is still in love with you, seeing you pull away from him will make him sit up and take notice. He will wonder why you changed and if you stopped loving him. At this point you will become the one in control.

When your ex boyfriend looks around and you are not trying to make him communicate anymore, he will feel a shock. It won't be as severe as the shock that the breakup caused you, but it will change the whole psychology of the breakup. He is the one who will be wanting to find out what happened and at the same time he will realize something is missing in his life.

It won't take him long to see that what is missing in his life is you. By moving on with your life and finding other interests, your craving for your ex boyfriend's love will decrease, but his craving for your love will increase. Let him chase you for a while and if you decide you want him back, it will be on your terms.

You will have learned to survive a breakup and be much stronger for doing it. Your ex will have learned to appreciate you more because he now knows how important you are to his life.

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