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Your boyfriend broke up with you and you are still crazy about him. That makes you desperate to find a way to pull your ex back, but everything you do seems to push him farther away. You try to get him to talk things over, however he only ignores you. You feel that if you could show him that the breakup is a mistake, it will pull your ex boyfriend back into your arms.

If this sounds similar to your situation, you are probably using the wrong tactics. You are allowing your ex to take you for granted and be comfortable in the knowledge that he can have you back at the snap of a finger. To make him desire you again, you have to make him think that he can no longer have you. Once he feels you pulling away from him, his mind will start playing tricks on him.


This is how you use male psychology to pull your ex boyfriend back. First of all you have to accept the breakup and prepare to move on with your life. No more begging and losing your pride trying to get your ex back. As soon as you do that, it sets up an entirely new ball game. By accepting the breakup, you are showing your ex boyfriend that you agree with his decision.

This puts you on his side and there is nothing to argue about. He can't reject you if you are not chasing and begging him, so what can he do? He will probably do what any other man will do in this situation. Your ex boyfriend will be confused and wonder why you gave up on him so fast. Then it will occur to him that you might have found someone else and stopped loving him. When this happens you will be getting inside his head and directing his thinking.

Male psychology will teach you that men will always desire what seems unattainable , That is what made you so attractive to him when he first met you. At first you probably rejected his advances and that just made you more appealing. His ego and pride were challenged and he had to capture you. But then you fell in love with him and were no longer a challenge.

The psychology of getting and keeping a man is to never let him think you need him more than he needs you. As long as your ex boyfriend thought you could walk away, he felt challenged. To get him back, you have to make him have that sort of mind set again and all it will take is the strength to walk away. You might think that is easier said than done, but where are you now?

You are pushing your ex boyfriend farther and farther away and in time you will push him so far that there will be no coming back. You have already lost him, so why not try something that will work? Use male psychology to pull back the ex boyfriend you have been pushing away.

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