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If you've been spending a lot of sleepless nights lately thinking about your ex-boyfriend, you might as well do something constructive about it rather than give up all hope and mope bitterly in the corner of your bedroom for the remainder of your natural life. Women who are at a total loss as to how to get their ex boyfriend back can try to win the hearts and minds of their former lovers by following the three little starter steps outlined below.

With your eye carefully trained on your target, together with a clear head, perseverance (and just a wee bit of luck thrown in), these sure-fire tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back will bring home the bacon (so to speak) in no time.


1. Don't cling too tightly

If some girls want their boyfriends to go down on their knees begging for forgiveness, they might just be waiting a while and then some. The first trick on how to get your ex boyfriend back is not to cling to him tightly. Girl, loosen those talons! If he wants to let off some steam, then let him be. Give him the space that he needs. Allow a few days of absolutely no contact. Resist the phone, the texts, the emails and Facebook. Just resurface in his life in say, less than a week or maybe a little longer – not as the ex girlfriend that he left behind, but rather as an old friend who wants to meet up with him again sometime soon.

2. Plan a casual reunion

How about getting some coffee together? Catch a movie (preferably something uplifting) or perhaps a game of bowling. You can play your plan of getting your ex back by subtle or subdued means, suggesting an equally low-key meeting to begin with. It doesn't have to be a date right away. Think of it as a way to patch things up rather subtly. Try and make the meeting a great chance or opportunity to catch up with each other's life. You know the sort of thing where you both just “chew the fat”, as it were. Nothing heavy, deep or gloomy.

3. Patch things up

This is your opportunity to take the lead and make the first move by saying sorry if the breakup was largely your fault. If in case you believe that it wasn't, talk to your ex boyfriend about it. He may have a different view of the events but could easily surprise you if he feels either wholly or partially to blame and gestures accordingly with his own heart felt apology. A simple heart-to-heart talk may be all that's needed to set things straight and restore things nicely between the two of you again. Nothing beats the healing effect of a calm and loving conversation. Do it right and your ex boyfriend will come back to you on his own.

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