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One of the biggest problems following a breakup is knowing if your ex boyfriend still loves you. You are still very much in love with him, but if he won't communicate with you, how can you let him know how much you need him? That might be the problem, you are trying to force yourself on him. Sending text, email and calling him all of the time will show him you need him , but that is not what you should be doing.

Your ex boyfriend knew you loved him when he broke up with you. He also was sure that you would beg him to come back. If he hadn't known these things, he would not have broken up with you because he would have been afraid of losing you. However, your ex will never tell you he loves you or needs you in his life. But, he will give off clear signs that he still wants you in his life.


Another thing men know is that women think they are hard to understand and it gives them a sense of control. as long as your ex boyfriend can keep you guessing, he knows you will be under sort of a spell he has woven. However, a you can be much more mysterious than a man and to make him show the signs that he still is in love with you, you need to become more of a mystery.

This means that you have to draw him out of his shell and the best way to do that is to make him think you are moving on. By going out with your girlfriends and flirting with other guys, you will soon run into your ex and this will not be by accident. When you stop chasing him, he will wonder what you are up to and if he shows up where you are, you know you have triggered his curiosity.

When he sees you flirting with other guys, he will try to get near enough to you to start a conversation, this will show he is still interested in you. When a man is done with a woman, he won't care what she does. All of the signs your ex boyfriend will be giving off from this point will be a knee jerk reaction and he won't be conscious of giving off these signs. So, you have to stay on the alert to avoid missing them.

You might get a text from him asking how you are. This will be to see how fast you answer. If you don't answer, he will ask your friends if you are dating someone else. This will show he is getting a little more desperate and afraid of losing you for good. The final sign and the one you will be looking for the most, is when he calls you and says he needs to talk to you. When your ex shows this sign, he is saying he is sorry for the breakup and wants you back.

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