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The relationship of split between Jef Holm and Emily Maynard has been confirmed by the sources. People in their close quarters have confirmed that the couple is not together anymore. The relationship could last only for three months or so.

What went wrong between them?


Sources report that that Jef was thrown out of Holm family's vacation house as because he had caught upon “romantic texts” from some other man.

The man also was supposed to have relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

To club up the causes, “Sexting, cheating or Infidelity and disinterest” are supposedly the main causes of the split between the two of them.

Are these issues somewhere around our relationship too?

If you observe carefully, you will notice that these issues are quite close to every relationship. At least one of them surely stings our relationship if not all. Check back and see if you're becoming a boring partner hence losing attention of your loved one.

Analyse if your spouse is moving and getting attracted towards someone else because there is no fire left in you or the relationship on the whole.

Also sit back and think if there is a enough trust between both of you and it is compact enough not to allow a third person make an entry. Is your relationship prone to moving back to the older bonds?

For this entire if the answers go against your bond then think of ways to bring things back on track.

How can you revive your relationship?

There are efforts needed to drive away the evil feelings and thoughts away from your relationship.

Understand, with time we all start taking our relationship casually and stop making efforts, which makes things dull and boring. Make it a point that there are always pleasant surprises in store for your spouse.

Also, this boredom may lead to “an extra marital affair” or “infidelity”. If that is the case then it would be rather more challenging to keep the bond alive. Unless you mark your presence in your spouse's life and a constant one, you will not be indispensable. In the absence of marking your own importance, you may lose your significance in his or her life.

Trust your partner and display this trust in every form you can.

In case you're not the first love of your partner, make sure you replace the older memories with your love and care and fill the bond with everything possible that broke the previous relationship of your partner.

getting into a relationship is a decision which affects the rest of our lives, losing it could be easier but to keep holding on it is quite challenging and rewarding too. The reward could not be expected right away but the efforts we make are well noticed by our spouses and sooner or later they do respect us for the same. One gets the due credit of handling the relationship well and enjoying a long term bond as well.

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