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There will be a time that you think you are with the best woman of your life and yet you still somehow manage to let her go. Butter fingers you!

Sometimes, men who are most in love with their girlfriends, tend to set their partners free, hoping that they'll return to their arms one day of their own accord. But would they really return? Well, if you are finding yourself getting more and more impatient waiting for your ladylove to knock at your door and swing around into your life again, how about giving some close and careful consideration to following these simple tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back?


1. Apologize

Sometimes, the simplest apologies can solve the world's biggest problems. Can you just imagine if all of the world's national leaders were to one day have epiphanies and simply give out apologies easily? Then there won't be a war in the whole world. The same goes true for your ex (at least in principle, but perhaps not in scale)! Why go through the hell of a break up if you can much more easily patch things up almost immediately after a fight?

2. Pour out your emotions

Okay men, hear this. You certainly don't want to lay yourself out open and vulnerable even to your girlfriend. But do you also know that's what would melt her heart most? Being honest is one thing. Being transparent to her is another.

3. But remain to be the man

Okay, this may not go well with the first two tips above. But included in among the more effective ways on how to get your ex girlfriend back is the tactic to show her that you're still the man in the relationship. Don't give her too much of a key that allows her to go in and out of your life anytime she pleases. She also has to get the message that although this relationship is very important to you; you can walk away in a different direction if she's quite sure she doesn't feel the same anymore.

4. Improve yourself

Nothing attracts a woman more than a very capable and quietly self-confident (not arrogant) man. Search your soul and your whole self. Find the loopholes and rough spots in your personality. Work on them with a bit of a cut and polish until you become the most irresistible man in your ex-girlfriend's eye.

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