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If you're looking for ways to “get my ex-boyfriend back” you're probably interested in finding ways to get him back quickly. Don't forget the importance of keeping him once you get him back though or you'll find yourself needing consistently stronger methods for winning him back in the future.

These four methods for getting your ex back are great for any girl looking for ways to “get my ex-boyfriend back.” See for yourself how well they work.


  1. Accentuate the positive. You know the things your ex-boyfriend loves most about you. Play them up. Be the best you can be in his eyes and you'll be surprised at the results. It's not just about looks though playing up his favorite features certainly won't hurt.
  2. Eliminate the negative. Get rid of the things that cause conflict between the two of you. What is it you argue most about? What is it that comes up in every argument you have eventually? What is it you do that drives him completely to the point of madness? Get rid of this; whatever it takes.
  3. Take things slowly. Trying to move too quickly or push him back into a relationship when you're looking for ways to “get my ex-boyfriend back” can do more harm than good. Don't go in with both guns blazing. Let him decide he wants you back instead of trying to force him to take you back. It may seem like a subtle difference but from his point of view it's quite profound.
  4. Apologize. Tell him you're sorry and make amends for the mistakes you've made in the past. Be brief but be thorough in your apology and be certain that you are apologizing for the right thing and the right reasons.

Admit being wrong. This above all else will make an impression with him. Admit to getting lost, not knowing the answer, and even giving the wrong answer on occasion. It's not the sign of weakness you've been taught. In fact, it's more of a sign of strength to admit that you are wrong than to insist that you are right.

These things don't require earth shattering changes to your life but they can make monumental changes in the health of your relationship and are great rules to live by for women seeking “ways to get my ex boyfriend back.”

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