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It's a fact that communication is easier since the advent of cell phones and SMS, but along with the convenience comes a new set of questions about how to use the technology to best advantage. For instance, if you are wondering what to do if you're interested in a guy and why he doesnt call, read on for some advice you can use.

You'd think that a guy would find it easy to keep in touch with a girl he's interested in by sending her a text message – especially after the first date. However, it seems that many guys haven't quite caught on to the convenience of “text dating”, so no matter how many times you text them, they just don't respond. What is a girl to do?


Resist the urge to spam him

It's OK to send the guy one text message to let him know you're interested, but never, never text him repeatedly until he replies. Receiving multiple messages from one person within a short period of time is very annoying to most people, and the last thing you want to do is annoy him.

There could be a good reason why he's not responding, and if he's really interested in you he will eventually text you back. If you continually badger him you'll sound desperate and that's not what you want him to think!

Keep busy

While your thumb might be itching to send a new text, you need to be patient and wait for him to respond to the one you already sent. Try to keep your mind occupied with other things. You do have a life that doesn't involve him, so keep yourself busy with friends, work, school, hobbies, shopping or whatever else you like to do.

Keeping busy will make the time pass more quickly and you won't be so totally focused on waiting to hear from him. If he's interested, he will eventually respond to your text. If he isn't, then you need to move on and find a guy who is interested.

When he finally does respond….

When you finally do get a text from the guy, it will be tempting to respond immediately. However, it is important to restrain yourself so it doesn't appear that you've been gazing at the phone for hours, waiting for his answer to your message.

Hold off on texting him back for at least an hour – preferably two. When he won't text you back right away, make him wait a little, too. Don't let him know how excited you are to finally hear from him.

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