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If your boyfriend dumped you, is telling him that you love him a good idea? Would it help get your ex back if you let him know how much you miss him and want him back? What you have to remember is that your ex boyfriend was probably is very sure you were still in love with him when he broke up with you. Crying and telling him that you can't live without him will only make him feel sure that dumping you was the right thing to do.

First of all crying and begging will make him uncomfortable and he will regard you as being clingy and needy. This is not the type of woman most men want. They want someone who will not fall apart at the slightest emergency. A woman who is strong enough to deal wit adversity and come out on top. Telling him of your love is fine, but not right after he has dumped you.


The breakup might have been caused by an argument that got out of hand and trying to tell him that you are the woman for him and he will be sorry for dumping you will only prolong the argument. He thinks he was right and the best way to make him change his mind about dumping you is to agree with him. When two people see something the same way, there can be no disagreement.

By accepting the breakup, you will throw all of his planning awry because he is expecting you to tell him he made a mistake and do everything possible to get him back. He never expected you to think the breakup was a good idea. Now, he is left with his jaw dropping and wondering how you could let him go so easily. Your ex boyfriend will feel rejected and his emotional hot buttons will be triggered.

When you were confused because of the breakup, you couldn't think clearly and you were desperate to get your ex boyfriend back. By making him feel rejected, you are causing your ex to have this same reaction. But staying strong and not allowing him to contact you for a couple of weeks will be a big test of your will power. There will be times when you will be afraid that you may have driven him away for good.

You will pick up the phone and start punching in his number, but you have to force yourself to stop. You've got him on the run and you can't ease up for a minute. If you weaken and let him talk his way back into your arms too easily, your ex boyfriend will dump you again the first time there is another disagreement. You will be afraid to speak your mind because you won't want to upset him.

To get your ex boyfriend back and keep him, you have to command his respect. Make him think that he came very close to losing you for good and he will be your man forever.

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