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Being in love with someone you think no longer loves you can break your heart. Add to that the confusion of not knowing what you did to make him stop loving you and is it any wonder you are an emotional mess? You can't eat or sleep and you can see your friends starting to stay away from you because all you can do is cry and talk about your ex boyfriend.

You want to talk to your ex and see if you can patch things up, but he refuses to communicate. The problem here is that you are not seeing what is happening. Remember how exciting it was to have your ex boyfriend chase you when he first met you? He kept calling and texting you day and night. You knew that you couldn't keep ignoring him forever or he would get discouraged, so you had to give in.


Whether you knew it or not, you were using male psychology to push his hot buttons. You were someone he thought he couldn't have and that made you desirable to him. Once you gave in the challenge was over and he became bored. The more you showed your love for him, the more he took you for granted. Now that he is ignoring you, the same psychology is working to make you chase him.

As long as you chase your ex boyfriend and let him know he is in control, the less chance you have of getting your ex back. He can't desire or miss something that he already has. By telling him you can't live without him, you are the same as telling him that you will wait for him forever. Men being the way they are like to roam and find new challenges and soon he will be looking somewhere else for the challenge.

Everyone is controlled by their psyche. It is like a rope around our neck that leads us around. It makes us hungry when we smell the aroma of food and it makes us happy or sad. However, perhaps the most compelling feeling your psyche can cause you is fear. Fear will make you do things you never thought you would do. Look at yourself, you are afraid of losing the man you love forever, so you will do anything to get your ex back.

You have the opportunity to make your ex boyfriend feel fear and that will make him desire you again. All you have to do is make your ex think he is losing you. But, if he is ignoring you how can you make him think he is losing you? You stop chasing him and begin to ignore him. It will take a week or so before his psyche tells him something is wrong, but when it does he will start to have many new emotions.

Your ex boyfriend will wonder why you stopped loving him and if you have found another guy. The love he has for you will surface and he will realize how much he misses you. By the simple act of walking away from him, you have started pushing your ex boyfriend's hot buttons of desire and fear. That will make you a challenge again and he will be chasing you.

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