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You might be sitting in your room crying and wishing you could get back the man you love, but you are not alone. Right now you are one of thousands of women throughout the world that are suffering from the heart break of a breakup. However if they do the right things nearly all of these women will get their ex boyfriend back and that can include you. But you have to stop crying and make it happen.

This is not your grandmother's time and you don't have to observe the restrictions that were place on women then. Today women are considered the equal of men in nearly every phase of life. Therefore you should not be waiting for him to realize his mistake and come around asking you to forgive him. You can take control and have him wondering who was the one that got dumped.


Right now your ex is probably out with his buddies and bragging that he dumped you and expecting you to text him that you can't live without him. He will reject you a few times to make sure that he has the control and then let you lose your pride and dignity by begging him to want you again. He is confident and sure of your love because you gave him all you had and he is full of it.

This means that in order to increase his desire for you, you have to make him hungry for your love again. What makes a person hungry for something? It's when they are deprived of it. Take food away from any animal and it will do nearly anything to get it. The same thing is true with love. You can't make your ex boyfriend hungry for your love if you keep giving it to him. Take it away for a while and he will come whimpering like a dog.

This does not mean that you are going to ignore your ex boyfriend completely. You have to show him that your love is still available, but someone else may get it and he will be left with an empty plate. Of course you have to make it tempting and you can do that by making yourself as attractive as possible. Then you let him get a look at what he is missing and the take it away and leave him starving for your affection.

By seeing you, all of the good feelings will come back to him, like smelling the aroma of his favorite food. He will remember how great it was with you and his heart will hunger for your touch. His feeling of being the superior male will be shattered and your ex boyfriend will be like a kid outside a candy store without a penny in his pocket. From that point, all of his concentration will be on getting you back.

From this point on, all you have to do is keep increasing his hunger by staying just out of his reach for a while. Soon his desire for you will be so strong that he would crawl through broken glass just to have you pat him on the head.

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