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When your boyfriend breaks up with you the first thing you wonder is what is wrong with you. But, you might be looking at the wrong person. Some guys are lacking in self confidence and although you probably told him you love him often that might not have been enough. In order to appreciate you and your love, he will have to do some growing up.

Many men suffer from a lack of self confidence and they can't really believe they deserve someone like you. Since he holds himself in such low esteem, he needs to find a way to bolster his inferiority complex and so he puts you to the test. He thinks that if you really love him and he dumps you, that will make you come running after him.


Of course that is what happened. You have been running after him and telling him that you can't live without him, so if that is what he wanted why is he still rejecting you? Again, it's because of his immaturity. Have you ever seen a small child throw a tantrum? The more you plead with the child to straighten up and be good the worse he gets.

Your ex boyfriend is like the small child, the more you chase and beg him the more he will reject you. So how can you get your ex boyfriend back? You have to treat him like the child that he really is and start ignoring him. The more attention you give him the harder it will be to get your ex boyfriend back. However if you just walk away he will soon feel lonely and wonder if he has lost you for good.

When a small child is ignored, they soon stop throwing their tantrum and want to be part of the family again. If your ex boyfriend really loves you he will act in a similar way. He might send a text message and ask you how you are. Be careful, because this could be just a way of seeing if you will start chasing him again.

The best way to answer his text is to wait a couple of days and just send a text saying you are fine and hope he is the same. Then wait for him to make the next move. If you just take this guy back without an understanding, he will keep on having tantrums and breaking up with you. Wait until he contacts you again and then tell him that the two of you need to talk.

Arrange a meeting in a public place and be sure to look your best. After some small talk, tell him how much he has hurt you and that you don't intend to be hurt that way again. Be firm and lay down some ground rules for a new relationship. If he agrees, it shows that he may have learned his lesson. If he doesn't agree then you are better off without him because he will just keep hurting you.

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