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If your ex boyfriend does not want you back after a breakup, you will not see him running back to your arms. However men can be foolish sometimes and they let something small get their drawers in a knot and they run off to sulk. He may still love you and want you but he won't let himself or anyone else know it. That means it is up to you to make your ex see how much he needs you in his life.

There are many tactics you can use that will make your ex boyfriend want you again, but to use them you have to understand how a man's mind works. Once you learn how to appeal to your guy by using male psychology to push his emotional hot buttons, you will not only make him want you again, but he will never want to be without you again.


However you won't be able to control your ex boyfriend's emotions until you learn to control your own. If you have been sending text and telling your ex how much you need him, you have to stop doing it immediately! If you have been calling him or stalking him, that has to stop too. Your ex boyfriend sees these actions as unappealing and it will push him farther away.

The best psychology you can use on a man who is being stubborn and refusing to communicate with you is to show him you don't need him. It is a well known fact that most men have big ego's and cannot stand to be ignored. As long as you are throwing yourself at him, he knows that you are his for good. Why should he worry about getting something back that he already has?

But, if he sees you making a life without him, it becomes a whole new ball game. He knows you are desirable and that anytime some guy could take you away from him for good. If he hears of you being out having fun, he is going to want to know if he still has a hold on you. That may tempt your ex boyfriend to text you and ask how you are doing.

When you receive that text, you will be on cloud nine and want to text him back and tell him how much you have missed him and of your love for him. However, if you answer that text, you may never hear from him again. Your ex will know he has nothing to worry about where you are concerned. If you don't answer the text, your ex will probably text you again and if you don't answer this text, he will be forced to call you.

This is exactly what you want, but be sure you have your emotions under control when you take his call. If you are cheerful and only make small talk, your ex boyfriend will ask if you still love him. At that point. hesitate and then say that you will always want to be friends. Don't mention love. This will drive him crazy and it won't be long before he will be telling you he wants you back.

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