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You didn't realize how much in love you were with your ex boyfriend until you saw him walking away after the breakup. You want to run after him and beg him to come back, but if you do anything that makes him think you can't live without him, you might not ever get your guy back. The best thing you can do is let him go and hide your shock and hurt feelings.

Hiding your feelings won't be easy to do because the breakup probably caught you by surprise. However, if you had not been so blinded by your love for him, you would have seen many clues that your boyfriend was not happy. He might have started showing up late for dates or canceled the date entirely. He hardly ever sent you a text or email anymore and you can't remember the last time he called you.


All of these things should have waved a red flag and when the spats became more frequent it was only because he was trying to make you angry enough to dump him and save him from having to dump you. But, you continued to think he was contented in your relationship and kept ignoring all of the warning signs until he finally had to tell you that he was moving on.

Yet even when he told you he was moving on, you didn't stop making more mistakes to make sure that he will never chase you again. You keep sending text just like nothing had happened and the fact that he continues to ignore you and not answer your text doesn't slow you down a bit. If you ever expect your ex boyfriend to chase you again, you are going to have to stop chasing him.

Every text you send your ex boyfriend and every time you try calling him and give him the opportunity to reject you is building his ego. He is feeling great because he is sure of you and can go out dating other women as well. Which should tell you that you that in order to get him to chase you again, you have to make him less sure of you. It will take a lot of strength but you have to walk away and stop trying to get your ex boyfriend back.

Once he sees that you can live without him, your ex boyfriend will realize that he could have been wrong about you and that there might be a real chance of losing you. That's when he will realize that he doesn't want to live his life without you and that he misses you more than he ever thought he could ever miss anyone.

This could seem too simple, but it isn't at all. If you want your ex boyfriend to chase you, you have to stop chasing him. As long as he is sure of you, he will keep rejecting you. Why? Because that's just the way men are!

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