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It's pretty tough to see the man you had hoped to spend your future with walk away. You feel that you have put so much into the relationship and now it is all for nothing. No wonder you are so upset and desperate. You will do anything to get back the man you love and that includes losing your pride and dignity. But it seems that your ex boyfriend has no plans for you in his future.

When you look back on your relationship, you can see that at times things were a bit strained, however you never thought they were near the breaking point. That's why you were so shocked when he said he thought the two of you would be better off apart. At the time you might have been so angry that you agreed with your ex, but now you can't bear to face the future with out him.


The problem is that just telling your ex boyfriend that you are sorry and can't live without him will not get your ex back. You have to make him miss you and see how empty his life is without you. The only way you can accomplish this is to make yourself as scarce as possible. You can't use any lame excuses to contact him. You have to stop thinking of him and his welfare and start thinking of yourself.

Calling your ex boyfriend or sending text will make him very uncomfortable and he will naturally pull away from you. You sound like a mother to him when you are always making sure that he is alright and that is not very conducive to bringing an ex back. If you are serious about having that future you dream about with the man you love, you have to make a promise to yourself right now.

That promise will be hard to keep because you have to make up your mind not to contact your ex boyfriend in any way for at least three weeks. It will help if you keep busy and don't sit around waiting to hear from him. Plan your day ahead so that you won't have too much time to think about your ex boyfriend. Keep in mind that you are getting inside his head and giving him a chance to miss you.

It might help if you were to delete all of his information from your computer and phone. That can take some of the temptation away. Doing volunteer work and helping the needy can show you that there are people with more serious problems than you have. Take more interest in your work or if you are in school work harder to get better grades.

By giving him time to experience his life without you, you might be surprised to find that your ex boyfriend will contact you before the three weeks are up. When he doesn't hear from you for a while, your ex will begin to miss hearing your voice and wonder if you are alright. But, don't act surprised or start crying, you must be cheerful and let him get around to asking if you would be willing to talk. By letting him make the first move you can get your ex back.

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