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The moment your boyfriend breaks up with you is a terrible time in your life, but the next day can be even worse. That's when the shock begins to wear off and you realize exactly what has happened. You have lost the only man you can ever love. He doesn't want you anymore. Maybe your ex boyfriend is in some other girl's arms right now. These are the thoughts that drives your emotions to a peak and makes you crazy.

But before you start chasing your ex and telling him things like, “I can't live without you,” go to the mirror and look at yourself. You are a woman and that makes you superior to your ex boyfriend or any other man. Women are prettier than men and they are smarter. This is not some baloney I'm feeding you, it's the truth. Women also have more depth of feeling, that's why you become so emotional.


However, at the time of a breakup, your depth of feeling can cause your emotions to take over your thinking. That is why you become so desperate to get your ex back. If you were thinking clearly, you would not let some jerk that should be thanking his lucky stars that you give him the courtesy of a send glance, make you lose your pride and dignity.

This won't be easy, but being a woman and having more courage than you think you have, the first thing you need to do is accept the breakup. It happened and no amount of begging your ex will bring him back. He doesn't want to be your boyfriend anymore, so let him go. Showing a man that he is not the center of your life can do many things.

First of all he will feel a blow to his silly male ego and wonder if he made a mistake. If he loves you, the more you go on with you life without looking back, the more your ex will be sure he made a mistake by breaking up with you. If he doesn't love you, whether you think so now or not, in the future you will see that you are better off without him. So by walking away from him, you have nothing to lose.

Something else may happen that you never expected as well. Once you cut the ties to your ex boyfriend, you could wake up to the fact that you don't want him anymore. Being with him had become a habit and habits are hard to break, but you never really loved him as much as you thought you did. So, give yourself a chance and tell him goodbye and good luck, for now.

If he loves you and you love him, time will bring you back together. You cannot force yourself to love a man and you can't force him to love you. Forget being afraid of not finding someone. You are a woman. remember? You are pretty, smart and desirable. Your ex boyfriend will come back or you will find the real man of your dreams. Either way you are the winner!

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