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One thing is sure after a breakup. You miss your ex boyfriend like crazy. It is hard to sleep or eat and nothing makes you laugh anymore. You may think that you are the only one who ever felt this way, but all over the world there are other women going through the same thing. But, knowing that might not be of any comfort to you. Your problem is personal and you want your ex boyfriend back.

You probably think that if you could do something to make him miss you that he would come running back to you. Well you are right, but you can't make him miss you by constantly being in contact with him. The reason that you are missing him so much is because he doesn't come around you any more. So doesn't it make sense that if you stay away from him, he will begin to miss you?


The problem you might find with this reasoning is, how would you know if he misses you? The answer to that is, you will know it when he starts trying to contact you. I realize this is making everything sound too easy and it is. You can't expect to just stay clear of your ex boyfriend for a couple of days and see any results. It will take time and patience.

To get his attention fast, you should start getting out with friends and be seen having a good time. When he hears of this, he may start giving signals that he misses you. You could catch a glimpse of him at the mall or some other place you are with your friends. Your mutual friends may tell you that he has been asking if you are dating anyone and if you ever talk about him.

These are some signs that will let you know that he is beginning to miss you and wonder if you will take him back. But, don't expect your ex to come crawling on his hands and knees just yet. Men have a lot of ego and pride and a desire to preserve their macho image.To bring your ex boyfriend running back, it might take some more drastic measure.

By being seen checking up on you and asking your friends if you are dating, he is showing signs of wanting you back, but he will still think that you might reject him and his pride couldn't take that. So, if neither of you will make the first move, how can you ever get your ex back?

You send him a text, but not right now. When he has been asking about you and you have seen him trying to get a glimpse of you, then you can contact him.

Don't make it a long message. Just ask him how he is doing and then stop contacting him. Don't send anymore text or try to call him. If your ex boyfriend has been showing the signs above, he will contact you. Next you should arrange a place to meet and let him do most of the talking. Do not say you love him or that you have missed him. You can say all of that later when your ex is back in your arms.

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