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When your relationship started you were so excited and the future looked bright. You never would have dreamed that it would end with your boyfriend saying he had to have some space and then ignoring every attempt you make to contact him. Instead of getting up each morning and greeting people with a smile, you mope around and keep to yourself.

A breakup can alter your whole personality and outlook on life if you allow it to do so. Dealing with the shock and embarrassment of being dumped is not easy. You miss your ex boyfriend so much and your life seems so empty without him. However, the breakup is no picnic for your ex either. He is probably suffering from a feeling of guilt because of the pain he has caused you.


But, your ex boyfriend cannot let down his guard for a minute or he would be right back in your arms. That might be what you are praying for, but it could be the worst thing that could happen. Your ex is troubled about something and you have to allow enough time for him to work things out. If you got back together before he solves his problem, it would just come up again and the pain would be worse if he takes off again.

It will sound silly to you right now but your ex boyfriend is probably ignoring you because he still loves you. Your ex is not as tough as he would like to appear. He also has emotional hot buttons that when pushed the right way can make him like putty in your hands. That is part of the reason for him ignoring you. He has to keep up a wall between you and he does that by ignoring you.

He doesn't want to show his feelings toward you and being stubborn is the only way he knows to keep you from seeing his weakness. But, by doing this, your ex boyfriend is showing you how to bring his guard down and slip back into his heart. It all has to do with using the right tactic and that tactic is to push his emotional hot buttons in a way that will make him desperate to get you back.

Think of the reasons that make you want your ex back. You are still in love with him, you miss him and you are afraid that you have lost your ex boyfriend for good. Now think of why you are having these feelings. It is because he walked away and started ignoring you. By doing that he pushed your emotional hot buttons to the limit. If you use this same tactic on your ex and he is still in love with you, it will bring him running back to you in a hurry.

All it will take from you is the strength to stop trying to get your ex back. You have to walk away from him just as he walked away from you. Then you have to start ignoring your ex boyfriend. Believe me when I tell you that being ignored will push his hot buttons harder than he pushed yours. He won't be able to stand having people know that you are ignoring him and going on with your life.

When you show him and the world that you can live without him, everything will change. Your ex boyfriend's pride will be injured, but most of all he will feel how much he misses you and that will make your ex start chasing you again.

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