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You may be sitting day after day trying to determine what caused the breakup. Of course fixing the problem is important, but placing the blame really is not what matters. The truth of any breakup is that both partners must have some guilt in the matter, but if you still love your man you should be putting all of your focus on getting your ex back.

You are all ready hurt because of your ex boyfriend's action of dumping you but you can't let the opinion of your friends and family make you think that you are the only victim here. Nor can you allow yourself to shoulder al of the blame. However, something was not right for him or he would not have taken such a drastic action.


You are going to miss your ex boyfriend and he will probably become perfect in your mind. All of his faults will be forgotten and you will only remember his good points. But your ex is angry and his view of things could be entirely different. He is remembering the things he disliked about the relationship and trying to make himself believe that he did the right thing by dumping you.

In order to get back the man you love, you have to change his attitude. If you run after him and beg him to forgive you, it will only make him harder to deal with. You have to make your ex start thinking about what he could have been doing wrong and start remembering your good points. Which means that you will have to make yourself scarce and give him time to think.

By not showing how much he hurt you, you will be changing the way your ex boyfriend looks at the breakup. When he broke up with you, he was counting on the fact that you still loved him and would not want to let him go. Your ex was all prepared to have you call and beg for him to love you again and he was all set to reject your every attempt to get him to talk.

When it becomes clear to him that you are going to go on with your life and not lose your pride and dignity by chasing him, he will suddenly wonder if he misjudged you and you never really were in love with him. That puts the breakup in another perspective since your ex never had intended to lose you. He just wanted you to inflate his ego a little and make sure you knew he was in control.

Your ex boyfriend will forget all about what caused the breakup and his only focus will be on getting you back. You will soon be getting a text from him, but don't be too fast to answer it. Let him sweat a little and then just reply the same as you would to an old friend. Say that it was good to hear from him and hope things are going as well with him as they are with you.

Of course sooner or later you will have to get together for a talk, but let him be the one to suggest it. When you meet him, let your ex boyfriend do most of the talking and don't mention love until after he does. Just play a little hard to get like you did when you met him and soon the guy who dumped you will be chasing you again.

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