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A breakup can make you hurt, frustrated and angry. So angry that you might consider getting revenge on your ex boyfriend by hurting him as badly as he has hurt you. However, all you will be doing is making him hate you and you will never get back the man you love. You can do something more satisfying by making your ex crave your love so much that he will beg you for another chance.

If you want your ex boyfriend back, you need to forget all of those tricks you would like to play on him and think of more constructive ways to get your ex back, such as accepting the breakup. You might not realize it, but acting like you can walk away from him and go on with your life could be the best revenge on him. He will be surprised that you don't want him anymore.


When you show your ex boyfriend that you agree with the breakup, you will mess up his plans to hurt you more. You can do that by sending a text and tell him that it is time that you went your separate ways and made a new life for yourselves. Imagine how his mouth will drop open in surprise when he reads that. He was expecting you to plead for his love again. But that is the only message you should send him and then you have to show him you mean it.

Start your new life by getting a new hair style and then go shopping for some great new clothes. This will not only make you more attractive, but it will give you more confidence. Now that you are looking great , you can't sit at home and wait for him to call. You have to let your ex boyfriend and the rest of the world have a look at you.

Go out with your girlfriends and take a couple of good looking guys along with your group. Stop by the places your ex boyfriend hangs out and let him see you having a blast. When he sees you, he will get another shock and he won't know if one of the guys with your group is your date or not. Just look his way a couple of times and give him a big smile, but don't stay very long because you don't want to give your ex a chance to strike up a conversation with you.

Your next move will be to disappear. Take a trip somewhere or if that's not possible, stay out of his sight. After seeing you looking so good, your ex boyfriend is going to try to contact you and you don't want to be available. This will get under his skin more because he will wonder if you are with one of the guys he saw in your group.

When he realizes that he could be losing you, he will be sorry for the breakup and that is all of the revenge you will need. The next time you see your ex boyfriend, he may be on his knees begging you to be his girl again.

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