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You've lost your boyfriend and you're running around like a cat chasing it's tail. Have you taken the time to ask yourself why you are doing this? The main reason is that you are forgetting that you are a woman. It may be hard to think of yourself as superior after you have been dumped, but you are superior to the man who dumped you. I don't care if you are fat, skinny tall or short. You are superior to the man who dumped you because you are more mature.

Men are actually very simple. Most men are so busy trying to keep up the image of a man that they don't have much time for anything else. He was raised to be tough, play sports and never cry. He is taught to take care of his mother and his little sister. This is the way he still thinks now that he is a man. He has to be number one and if he gets the idea that you are pushing him he might get the idea that you want t be number one in the relationship.


As I said to begin with, being a woman you are superior, and your ex boyfriend probably knows you are. The trick is not to let him see that you know that you are superior. But, since the breakup, what have you been doing? You have been sending text and calling him like mad, trying to force him to tell you what went wrong with your relationship. That sort of action only makes him feel that you want to dominate him.

When it comes down to need, your ex boyfriend needs you more than you need him. This is because men always need women more than they need a man. Right from the time his mother nursed him and changed his diaper, this need of a woman was the biggest part of his life. Yet you are chasing him and telling him how much you need him. Do you begin to see what is wrong here?

To win back his heart and get your ex boyfriend back, you have to win back his mind. You have to make him see how much he needs you and not how much you need him. What makes a person feel the need for something? It's when they no longer have it. As long as you keep hanging around your ex and saying you can't live with out him, how can he feel the need for you?

So, you have to get out of his life for a while and let him experience his life without you. You have to show him that you can have a life without him. Your ex boyfriend still cares a lot about you and when you are no longer around he will worry about where you are and what you are doing. When he decides that his life is empty without you in it, you will win back his mind and his heart.

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