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Having the man you had thought was the love of your life say that he no longer loves you can make you feel like you are all alone and unwanted. At a time like this it is easy to become desperate and make mistakes that can end your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back for good. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to try making your ex hurt as bad as you are hurting by seeking revenge.

You can't make your ex boyfriend want you again by pushing him farther away. Instead, you must do everything in your power to pull him back to your arms. By using male psychology, you can make him see that the breakup was a mistake and he will soon realize how much he still loves you and want to do everything in his power to get you back. To do this you have to make him feel lost and alone.


Clearly, your ex will not feel lost and alone as long as you stay in contact with him. When he broke up with you, he did not keep sending text, emails and making phone calls saying how much he missed you, did he? No, he walked out of your life and made no attempt to communicate with you at all. This is why you are feeling so alone and unwanted. Using male psychology, you can make him feel the same way.

When he broke up with you, your ex probably never intended to lose you for good. Something made him upset and he wanted to show you that he can get along just fine without you, and it worked. It worked because he kept to his plan and convinced you that he was gone for good. Now you must have the same resolve if you expect to make your ex feel lost and alone.

You will hear it said that most women show their emotions more than men show theirs and it is usually true. However, your ex boyfriend won't be able to disguise his feelings if he thinks that you don't want him anymore. For a while his ego will keep him from coming back and telling you that he still loves you. He will take things as far as possible before becoming desperate to get you back.

That is why you have to stick it out and not have any contact with him. For one thing, you can't trust your emotions. If he calls you and you take his call, you will probably fall apart and start crying. That will show your ex boyfriend that he is still in control and he will continue to reject you. But if you let him leave a message and don't answer his text, he will have to throw his pride aside and start chasing you again.

If you think this sounds like a silly game, you are right. But love is a game and the one who shows the least need usually is the one who wins. Getting an ex boyfriend back and keeping him is a matter of knowing how to use male psychology and the more you know the easier the job will be.

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