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Most women after a breakup, will seek out a good friend who has been through this same ordeal of crying and wishing they could get their ex boyfriend back. You know that she will let you cry and tell her how much you love and miss your ex because she has felt the same humiliation as you are feeling. However, be careful of any advise she may give you because it might be slanted depending on whether she got her ex back or not.

When he broke up with you, your ex boyfriend was pretty sure that you would do everything you could to get him back and that includes chasing him and screaming you can't live without him. This will build his ego because it makes him feel good to know that you are so desperate to get him back that you will sacrifice your pride and dignity. But instead of making him see how much he loves you, it is more likely to make him pity you.


By pitying you, he will lose respect for you and decide that he doesn't want to spend his life with anyone with such low self-esteem. That may cause your ex to do exactly what you are trying to prevent and he will go out looking for someone else. The easiest way to lose the man you love for good is to chase him. So, if you don't chase him and tell him how much you love him what do you do?

You give him a shock by letting him go and ignoring him. Show him that you are strong enough to accept the breakup and move on. By doing this you will be doing the exact opposite of what he expected you to do. He has already prepared himself to reject you at every turn and when you simply ignore him, he will be confused and frustrated. His mind will start to fill with thoughts that you might never have really been in love with him.

This instantly changes the effect of the breakup. When you don't try to tell your ex boyfriend that he has made a mistake, but instead act like you are perfectly in agreement with him, he will be the one to doubt. Something is always more interesting if you think you can't have it and you will become more attractive to your ex. This will be especially true if you have been out having fun with your friends.

If he is really in love with you, your ex boyfriend will now be the one who will be worrying about losing you. He will be afraid that one of the guys you have been talking to while being out with your friends will ask you for a date and he will be out in the cold. This will especially be true if you suddenly take a trip to visit friends or relatives.

When he can't find out where you are or what you are doing, your ex will become desperate. He will curse himself for being such a fool and by the time you return from your trip, your ex boyfriend will be the one begging for you to want him again.

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