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Your boyfriend broke up with you and now he is acting like a jerk. He used to be so attentive of you, but now he acts as if you no longer exist. What makes a guy change like this? Your girlfriends will be quick to tell you that is the way men are and they are partly right. However there is more to it than that and if you want to see him come crawling back, you have to take the proper action.

You have to stop making yourself the victim of his rudeness and seemingly uncaring attitude. Although you miss him and want to feel his arms around you again, you can't keep hurting yourself. Begging a man who is acting like a jerk won't do anything except make him worse. Maybe this guy was always a jerk but you were so blinded by love that you failed to see him as he really is.


On the other hand, your ex boyfriend could be a nice guy and his actions are a defense. Perhaps something you did hurt him and his attitude is only a wall he has built to keep you away from him. Your ex knows that if he allows you past that wall he will be lost. Your ex boyfriend may be so much in love with you that if he hears your voice or feels your touch, all of his defenses will disappear.

You might have heard that men and women respond differently to emotional situations. However right after a breakup, neither one of you are in any condition to talk sensibly. If you are like most women you have been trying to get your ex to sit down and talk things over, but he has refused. This frustrated you, but you should be thankful he did reject your offer to talk. It could have caused more problems and solved none of the reasons for the breakup.

He might have felt you were too pushy or controlling. In that case trying to force yourself on him will only confirm that he is better off without you. You can show your love for him better by letting him have his freedom. This might be hard to do because you will be afraid that if he has too much freedom, he will roam off and never come back. That is a possibility, however in that case your ex boyfriend did not love you enough to begin with. It would be better to learn the truth about this now rather than later.

The best way to get your ex back is to give him time and space. Let him learn that you can live without him and you don't intend to be hurt over and over again. Tough love is usually the best cure for an ex who is acting like a jerk because if he really loves you, by letting him have time to think, he will come to his senses. If he is really a jerk you are better off without him.

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