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How To Handle Relationship

You are aware that you are not right persons for each other, but are afraid of living without a partner? It is time to stop convincing yourself that your relationship is good, because you do not need anyone to complete you, but to make you happy.

You should be “completed” before entering the relationship if you really want it to work, and if you let another person into your life just because you can't stand to be alone, you're probably on the wrong path.


If you are not happy in the relationship, end it. If you are constantly fighting, having awkward silences and feeling bad, move on without the person you obviously will not spend the rest of your life with.

Stop denying. Ask yourself a few questions: Do I feel powerful or tired after an hour spent with my partner? Do I wish to or do I have to spend time with them? Am I returning home after our dates without having answers to my questions and feeling dull? Am I trying much harder than he is?

Note of your emotions. People generally need some time to realize that things are going downhill. Write down how and what do you feel to understand your relationship better. If you write 35 times that something is wrong, then it probably is.

Discover why you are in this relationship. There are always reasons to accept certain compromises, and so certainly there are good things that are keeping you in a bad relationship. Discover what are you expecting of your partner and compare it with what you get.

Fill in the gaps. If you find that you are looking for security at the partner, to be with them makes you feel desirable, and you are happy to finally have a person with whom you can spend time, find alternative ways to fill these gaps.

Surround yourself with a bunch of optimistic friends. You do not need a lot of them, just a few real friends that are ready to really help you get through the situation you are in. You may even know someone who is just going through similar problems so try to share experience with them, and move away from people that are in bad relationships because they are not ready to step out.

Write yourself a reminder. Write something like: “Hey, I know you feel bad today, but it is finally time to make plans for the weekend because it's sure going to be better than if you sit home alone.”

Bribing yourself can be useful. Set a goal and then reward yourself if you manage to achieve it, for example, if you don't send messages, Google or call the former partner for a week.

Repeat. In moments of weakness problems that you had in relationship will probably seem irrelevant and you will be convinced that you can not continue without your ex. So you day by day repeat to yourself that you are great, you have good intentions, that everything will be okay and that sooner or later you will find true love.

Don't resort to vice. It's absolutely normal that you are sad, but contrary to popular opinion, comfort is not hiding at the bottom of the bag of chips, bottle of vodka or boxes with drugs. Although our popular culture sometimes suggest otherwise, there is nothing lovable or poetic in self-pity through unhealthy living habits. Chocolate with biscuits or alcohol can offer you a temporary relief from the pain you feel, but be sure that you will sooner or later have to return that debt with interest. The longer you avoid dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings of sadness, the longer it will take you to get over them successfully and recover.

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