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How To Improve A Relationship

A break up is bad no matter the reason why broke up happened. If the break up was initiated by him, you are bound to feel cheated and sad. No wonder you want him back just because you liked the way you felt when you were with him. Get you ex back by implementing these strategies and get back to being happy and contented in no time.

*Dress diligently.


Buy some new clothes and some make up if you have to. Get a makeover and sport your new look with flair. Get your ex back by showing him how great you look and what he is missing out on. Choose to be seen in nice attires and being the cynosure of all eyes. Bask in the glory of all the male adulation heaped on you. Get your ex back by flaunting your new look and extra confidence with panache.

  • Show him how happy you are.

This strategy to get your ex back works like a charm. Wear a beautiful smile on your face and be seen as enjoying yourself all the time. Be social and interact with people. Crack jokes and try out something new. Show your sporty and adventurous side. Make sure you indulge in something exciting. Let your ex see how much fun you are.

*Flirting with your ex's friends or even other guys who are good looking and more successful than him is bound to make him jealous. Look your best and go for dances or other such social events with a guy that your ex does not like much. Get your ex back by showing him how you are having such a good time with this other guy. Dance with him, touch his arm lightly, laugh at his jokes, etc to give off the vibe that you are happy in your life now. Just take care that in the process of you wanting to get your ex back, nobody else is hurt.

  • If you both have decided not to talk to each other after the break up, break the rule by talking to him suddenly and out of the blue. Ask him to meet you in a place that holds a special significance for your relationship. Dress nicely and talk to him about how much you enjoyed your time together and how much you would like to get back together with him. If he still cares for you, he will want to get back together.
  • If you have decided to remain friends, you can talk to your ex about how much you are enjoying your freedom and all the male attention that is being showered on you. He is bound to become jealous if he has residual feelings. Get back your ex by telling how much you enjoyed the time that you both spent together but how those are just memories now. Make him realize how much you miss the old days but have to move on just to survive.

*You can get back your ex by asking a mutual friend to intervene and tell him that you are not doing so well after the break up and that you feel everything in your life is so meaningless without him. The mutual friend can also describe how happy you were when you were with him. You will get back your ex by implementing this strategy provided your ex still cares for you.

Get back together with your ex by speaking the truth is much better than manipulating his feelings and actions. Also, getting your ex back is possible if you implement the strategies very subtly. The key is not to overdo it. Take the help of friends and be happy when you emerge successful in your endeavor.

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