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Did you know that there are quite a few ways to get your ex boyfriend back? The problem is that not all of them work as well as some of the others; if you know what I mean.

Some methods would have you begging him to take you back and making bargains for how you'll behave in the future. While it may seem like the right way to go if you follow your heart the truth of the matter is that it will do little to persuade him to hear you out. In fact, it will have him hardening his heart and closing his mind to you very quickly.


So, what can you do to get his attention so that you can keep your heart whole?

Agree to call things off. Tell him you think this is an excellent idea. Agreeing with him is the one thing he's probably not expecting. It will give him a moment of shock followed by endless hours of wondering why you agreed and whether or not you were thinking the same thing. Being in his thoughts is a good thing right now. Being a woman of mystery on his mind is even better.

Give him what he thinks he wants. Go one step further than agreeing to call things off. Make every effort to be completely absent from his life for a while. This will help you overcome the temptation to beg and give him the time he needs to really feel the impact of your absence. He may think he wants you out of his life right now but he'll never really know until you've been out of his life for a little while.

Let others see you out on the town. Word has a way of traveling. Let others tell him that you've been out having a great time and looking good (make sure you really do look good when you go out and that you aren't moping around missing him). He's going to wonder what's going on with you and begin to wonder why you stopped having fun together. These advice will make you ex crawl back to you and beg you to take him back.

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